We’re The Norsk American–or, more precisely the Norsk and the American.
We’re 20-something year olds.
We’re huge nerds. He has a Masters degree in Business Marketing. She is working on a PhD in Rhetoric.
He is from Kristiansand, Norway. She is living in Atlanta, Georgia.
We love to read, and read, and read…
We cook. And sometimes bake.
She’s gluten-free. He hopped on the bandwagon for support
We’re engaged. Wedding date TBD by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
We’re Jesus people.
We love Red Rock Ginger Ale, goat cheese, and Norwegian chocolate truffles.
We love our Apple products.
We love music, especially Ludovico Einaudi, 2 Cellos, and Jennifer Thomas.
He loves Lord of the Rings and Axis & Allies.
She loves scarves, InDesign, and handwritten letters.
We love Sherlock.
We travel. As much as we can. Wherever we can. By boat, car, bus, or plane.


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