The Beginning


The Norsk and the American are two 20-something year olds trying to figure out how to juggle grad school, work, and a trans-atlantic relationship. We’ve been talking about starting a blog since the summer of 2012, and we finally took the plunge.

We’re not really sure what will end up on here. But we promise not to make you gag with lovey-dovey stuff–although there will probably be a few posts about our upcoming wedding. We promise not to overwhelm you with strict dietary rules–although there will be lots of gluten free and paleo recipes that make your mouth water. We promise not to make this a diary of our lives–but we’ll definitely be posting about the stuff we’re doing around Atlanta…and the world. We promise not to be too geeky–but inevitably there will be the occasional infographic, how-to video, theoretical┬árambling, or commentary on Lord of the Rings.

Our lives are eclectic, and so is this blog.